At National Roofing, size doesn”t matter. We are equipped to handle any size project from a 5,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility, to a 50,000 square foot retail center, all the way down to the smallest canopy. National Roofing is proud to provide our customers with free estimates.

Roof Consultations

Thinking of repairing, re-roofing, or have a new building? National Roofing will help you choose the right roof system for the right price for your specific project needs.

Questions to think about when considering a new roof:

  1. Do I need to tear the old one off or can I just go over it?
  2. Is the deck under my roof in a good safe condition, or does it need to be replaced?
  3. How much insulation do I need? (Having enough insulation could save you thousands of dollars in heating costs.)
  4. What type of membrane do I want or need? (Single ply or Asphalt) (White or Black)
  5. Is the contractor that I am considering insured? ( National Roofing is fully insured and bonded)

Note: To get answers to questions like these and more just contact National Roofing’s experienced staff.